Let Go of Old Projects

November 27, 2012

Letting Go Is Freedom by ShellseaArt on Etsy{Letting Go Is Freedom : ShellseaArt on Etsy}

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving last week! I took off early to visit my family in Alabama then picked Will up from the airport in Birmingham on Wednesday. I am thankful to have a chance to visit with them and take the whole week to relax and catch up. We watched our dog Cody play with their new pups, thought up names for said pups, watched the Lions game, and enjoyed a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. We also had “Thanksmas” (we opened gifts early, since we will be in Michigan in December), went shopping (NOT Black Friday), played blackjack at the casino, and tailgated for the Alabama vs. Auburn game. It was such a great time.

While I was there, I took the opportunity to help clean out my old room. My mom has been doing a bit of decluttering, and I know that my stuff is taking up a lot of space. I still have a lot of things stored there, everything from unfinished art projects to wedding gifts that we haven’t moved to Ohio yet. For years I saved things I thought would be fun for future projects, just in case I eventually got around to making them.

In going through my things, I found a container of broken glass that I wanted to use for a mosaic project. I can always buy cheap ceramics at the thrift store to break, if I ever get around to actually making a mosaic, so the broken pieces went in the trash. I was also saving a large canvas with empty paint bottles glued to it – my idea was to make a 3D city skyline painting. It was a bulky thing with the paint bottles, so I tore off the paint bottles and trashed them. Now I have a blank canvas that is easier to move, and free for a fresh painting idea.

I could go on, but you get the idea. I finally realized that I don’t have to finish old projects if I don’t want to. I am no longer interested in some of them or it will be a long time before I start, so I don’t need to store them through several moves. I can take the pieces and make something new and discard what I no longer need. In turn this frees my mind and my storage space for projects that I am really excited about.

This not only applies to me as an artist, but to any type of project that multi-passionate people like myself have started and lost interest in. I’m a big fan of the term multipotentialite coined by Emilie at Puttylike. It implies that we have potential to do multiple things, but we get distracted because we think we HAVE to finish something before we can start on something new. This is just not the case. As we grow, our interests change and we have to leave room for that change. Let go of your guilt about old projects, let them go. You will have so much renewed energy for your current interests once you are able to do this.

Your turn: What projects have you been holding onto that you need to let go? What project are you excited to start? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

Thank you to everyone who voted for my Thanksgiving Fashion + Decor notebook in Springpad’s Turkey Day contest! Unfortunately, I was not one of the winners, so there won’t be a Breville giveaway on the blog. However, I hope to have a giveaway sometime in the future!

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