Creative Courses for a Spring Refresh

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Lately I’ve been inspired to take some online classes to improve my skills and learn new ones. Eventually I’d like to offer an e-course or e-book of my own, but until then I want to share the ones I’ve come across that I know you would love. As a bonus, Craftsy is offering 50% off their popular classes today through Sunday! Without further ado, here are my picks: Continue reading

New City, New Life


I miss blogging! It’s something I have to ease back into because I really hit burnout with everything last year. A lot has happened in the past year, so this post should get us up to speed.

Since writing about freelancing and career doubt, I started working full time for Dagher Printing. It was a great experience and I learned so much about the print industry and strengthened my skills as a graphic designer. While there, we won an American Graphic Design Award from GDUSA magazine on an octagon-shaped brochure I designed. I now understand the things that usually held me back from using a local printer, like what kind of paper stock to use and how to prepare files for die cutting and special inks. I am armed with knowledge that will help in my business and career in the future.

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Etsy Conversations Podcast – Round 2!


I had the pleasure of doing a second interview on the Etsy Conversations Podcast last week, this time with new host Ijeoma! She has done a wonderful job growing the podcast and I had so much fun talking with her about running an Etsy business. Head over to this post to listen.

If you haven’t heard of the podcast before, definitely check out the other episodes too. It’s so inspiring to listen to interviews with fellow Etsians! They are always looking for new guests to have on the show, apply here if you’re interested.

P.S. My first interview with isn’t on the website or iTunes anymore, but you can still listen to it here!